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Greenhood Tip

adult·hood n: A grown man or woman; mature person

neigh·bor·hood n: A district or locality, often with reference to its character or inhabitants; neighborly feeling or conduct.

green·hood n: A conscientious man or woman who understands and is committed to the environment and community; belief that, no matter how big or small, action for today’s environment makes for a better world tomorrow.

There are many different levels, or shades of green; a difference among us is the extent to which we live within them.  GreenPosting has put together a variety of ideas for the everyday person to encourage further growth throughout our greenhood. 

  • Electric Energy
    • Fill a big plastic jug of water with water and put it in the freezer. This will reduce the space in your freezer and you will use less energy keeping your freezer cold. It's science.  Thanks Josh for the tip!
    • Renewable energy is here! Ask your energy provider about the renewable way to power your life.
    • Many home energy efficiency products use technology to decrease energy consumption by automating lights and appliances through timers and detectors. 
    • Unplug! Or, at least turn the power strip off. Appliances and chargers still suck energy from the outlet like a vampire when they aren’t in use.
    • 75%. The percentage of electricity reduced by switching to compact fluorescent bulbs. What should be done when they burn out? Do NOT throw them in the trash because of the Mercury in them. CFL's should be recycled.
  • Go Paper-less-of Everything
    • Some companies offer incentives for going paperless.
    • Reduce unwanted catalogs by mail through  It’s a free service and helps cut down on paper production.
    • You’ll get less bills, bills, and bills from snail mail.
    • Pay bills online to save on paper and stamps.
    • Save online receipts to a hard drive instead of printing them.
    • ATM receipts aren’t needed since you can check your balance online.
  • Water Bottles & Water Filters
    • Ice cubes that fall to the ground or are left over in a glass can be used to water plants.  Thanks Melissa!
    • Purchase water bottles that are BPA free found at places like REI.  Old Nalgene bottles are harmful because of the BPA chemical found in the plastic.
    • Did you know that many brands of bottled water are tap water!
    • Reuse of a single serve bottle can be harmful since it can harvest bacteria.
    • What about the “floaties?!”  Water filters will reduce the presence of sediment, contaminants, chlorine taste and odor.  Check out detailed filtration info from NSF, should your tap need it.
  • Green Thumb Gardening Tips
    • Reuse old kitchen utensils for gardening.  For example, that old serving spoon would be great for potting plants.
    • Soda bottles, the 2 or 3 liter kind placed upside down in the ground waters outside trees.  The soil draws the water as it dries. 
    • Water the yard in the early morning rather than the heat of the day.  Evaporation is far less and it is recommended to use sprinklers or a drip system or instead of a hose to conserve water. 
    • Composting.  The circle of life takes on a new meaning.  Mulch for your garden can be produced from the likes of eggshells, hair, and dryer lint. 
  • Greening Your Cleaning
    • The wide range of uses for vinegar, borax, baking soda, cornstarch, and lemon juice offer plenty of alternatives to getting the job done.  The use of them individually or in combination will effectively clean and deodorize your home.  Be smart, don’t forget to sample your concoction first.  Also, check out these non-toxic cleaning tips. 
    • Hang your clothes out to dry on nice days.  You’ll get less lint and your clothes will last longer.  Store this one in your mental rolodex, sunlight bleaches and disinfects. 
    • Defrost your refrigerator and freezer regularly.  Plus, remove the dust underneath them for better efficiency. 
  • Baby Steps Throughout Greenhood
    • Fill a plastic jug of water and put it in your toilet reservoir that way you use less water with every flush.  The steps on using less water in an older toilet.  Thanks for the tip Josh.
    • Non-organic produce need more than a water rinse, try this homemade grapefruit seed extract spray to clean off the chemicals.  Thanks Oprah! 
    • The 4,9,5,8 on fruit.  These numbers explain how our fruit was grown. Conventionally grown fruit has 4 digits while organically grown fruit has 5 and starts with a 9.  Genetically engineered fruit has 5 numbers and starts with an 8.  Genetically engineered?  
    • Reusable bags can be purchased at most stores these days.  They’re about $1, durable, and hold plenty.  Shopping every 2 weeks with 4 plastic bags full of groceries is 4x2=8 bags per month, 8x12=96 plastic bags less per year choking landfills.  What’s your number?  
    • Refill your printer ink cartridges instead of buying new ones.  For the average home printing, this’ll save money, plus it keeps cartridges and its packaging out of landfills. 
    • Reuse those huge containers the yogurt and butter comes in for leftovers rather than buying plastic tubs. 
    • Working around your home?  Try non-toxic paint that release low or no Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) into the air.  This’ll help those with health problems and is better for our ozone.   
    • Travel by train.  Besides being a leisurely way to travel and see the world, trains emit less carbon dioxide than airplanes and cars per passenger mile.  Travelers at heart will enjoy reading The Old Patagonian Express written by Paul Theroux about his travel by train through the Americas. 
    • Recycle your electronics through donations or to recycle centers.  Hazardous material like lead and mercury contaminate soil and our drinking water which are found in computers, TV’s, cell phones, etc. 
    • Four!!  Enjoy 18 holes on a golf course that is certified green for their commitment to protecting water quality, conserving natural resources, and providing wildlife habitats.  Scroll to Page 7 for Oregon courses
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