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The Local Focus

 Revenge of the Electric Car Movie Review

 Help Local Goods Help The Laurelhurst School Recycling Program

 Portland Heritage Tree App Availabe Free

 Upcoming Home Energy Savings Workshops

 Mitsubishi i EV Tour Kicks Off in Portland

 Summer is here time to lose the bottle

 Go Green Conference Sessions Oct 4th 2011

 FREE Eye Exam at Wilsonville Family Fun Center

 Portland Downspout Disconnection Program Concludes

 Broken Down Fence | Cape Disappointment WA

 Airport Futures Plan In Place For PDX Airport

 Dandelion Photo Called Bodhi From Falls City By Manifest Photo

 Bicycle Safety Commercial

 Citywide Tree Project adopted by City Council

 Benson Bubbler by Manifest Photography

 Portlands Clean Energy Works Efficiency Program Is Working

 Blades of Grass

 United Streetcar Featured By US DOT With Video

 Bee At Work Photograph by Manifest Photo

 EcoVative Building Conference 2011 Review

 Portland Transit Mall Now Has Recycle Cans

 Dedicate a Gift Tree for Mothers Day

 Beatiful Photograph from SE Portland by Manifest Photography

 Geothermal Power Plant Construction Neal Hot Springs Oregon Okayed

 Manifest Photography Captures Mt Tabor

 Ecovative Green Building Conference May 10th

 20 Years of Family Farming Natural Foods with Azure Standard

 PDX Bicycle Show Saturday n Sunday

 Bicycling in Portland OR

 Highlights From Better Living Show 2011

 Better Living Show 2011

 EcoDistrict Summit Topics Call For Proposals Due March 25

 Bag It! the Movie Playing in Portland March 3rd to 14th (watch trailer)

 Eco Apprentice Unites Businesses & College Students To Reach Sustainable Goals

 Farm Together Now Book Release At Red Black Cafe Feb 21

 Solarize Northwest & North Portland Starts Now For Neighborhood Solar Projects

 Oregon Green News Recap | Jan 24 to Jan 28

 Life Without Wheels | An Interview with Kevin Pile

 New contest by The 48 Hour Film Project to Inspire Environmental Activism

 Forks Over Knives Movie Review

 Oregon Green News Recap From Last Week 1.2.11 to 1.6.11

 Boardman Power Plant: From Burning Coal to Biomass

 Oregon Green News Recap From Last Week - VIDEOS

 Lesser Known Oregon Green News

 Recycling Hazardous Material Around Portland, OR.

 Home Air Purification Technology Developed For Spacecraft

 Portland City Hall Garden Video

 Oregon Green News You May Have Missed 5.3.10 to 5.7.10

 Green News You May Have Missed Last Week 4.26.10 to 4.30.10

 May 1st Multnomah Food Summit

 Oregon Green News You May Have Missed 4.19.10 to 4.23.10

 Mississippi Ave 2nd Annual Spring Greening April 24th

 Oregon Green News You May Have Missed 4.13.10 to 4.16.10

 Oregon Green News You May Have Missed 4.5.10 to 4.9.10

 Introducing Lucy Dwyer

 Oregon Green News You May Have Missed 3.29.10 to 4.2.10

 Spring Cleaning Tips With Amy Boggs Video

 Oregon Green News You May Have Missed 3.20.10 to 3.26.10

 Livingscape Nursery: Towards a More Sustainable Portland

 Owl Watch 2010: Live Video

 Oregon Green News You May Have Missed Last Week

 Spring for Support Restaurant Rally

 Oregon Green News You May Have Missed 3.8.10 to 3.12.10

 FREE Ecoroof Portland Expo Event

 Oregon Green News You May Have Missed (Vid) 3.1.10 to 3.6.10

 How Long to Keep Important Documents

 Oregon Green News You May Have Missed 2.22.10 to 2.26.10

 Oregon Green News Possibly Missed 2.15.10 to 2.19.10

 GreenPosting Food Writer Jared Goodman Introduction

 Portland News You Mave Have Missed 2.1.10 to 2.6.10

 Deposit a Gift is a Sustainable Solution For Gift Registries

 BEST Business Center awards Portland Climate Champion to Clean Air Lawn Care

 Portland News You Mave Have Missed 1.10.10 to 1.16.10

 TriLibrium Releases GRI Sustainability Report

 Sesame Street Favorite Green Video Clips

 Oregon News You May Have Missed 12.14.09 to 12.19.09

 Not Good Water Quality in Bottled Water

 Oregon Green News You May Have Missed 12.7.09 to 12.12.09

 Portland OR Resource for Stormwater Management | WorkingGreenPortland

 Oregon Sustainable News from 11.30.09 to 12.04.09

 Butternut Squash n Apple Bisque Soup Recipe

 Ecotrust Market Closes | OR Musseling Open | Forest Waste to Fuel

 Gift Trees | Green Holiday Gifts That Give as They Grow

 13th Healthiest, Oregon Reviews Renewable Tax Credit, Oregon Wolves

 Junk 2 Funk Recycled Fashion Show 2009 with Video

 Portland Area News you May Not Have Heard from 11.08.09 to 11.15.09

 Local News Grab Bag You May Not of Heard 11.01.09 to 11.07.09

 Rep. Earl Blumenaur Cycling New York City Streets (VIDEO)

 Local News Grab Bag You May Not of Heard 10.26.09 - 10.31.09

 Portland Grab Bag. A Few News Favorites.

 Oregon Chosen as Test Market for Electric Vehicle & Charge Project

 Project Grow Celebrates the Years Harvest

 Why You Should Know Our Energy Secretary Steven Chu VIDEO

 Portland Approves PGE Park Renovation for MLS

 GreenPosting is Greening the California Alumni Assocaition Camps

 Chicken Coop Tidbits

 Community Quilt Celebrating Honeybees

 Backyard Hens: VIDEO

 Fish Farming

 Poorly Converting Open Space ~ Opinion

 Better Living Show Highlights

 Composting Tip from the Letterman Show

 GreenPosting Featured in Business Week

 Undercover Agents Arrest Eagle Poachers

 2 Billion Cars: The Auto Infrastructure (VIDEO)

 Why Buy A Steak When You Can Have The Whole Cow

 Vertical Farming: The Urban Future (VIDEO)

 REI Members Get Mt. Hood Discounts

 Paperless Receipts. Yes Please! (VIDEO)

 Why High Oil Prices

 $100 Rebate By City For Water Efficient Toilet

 Making Use of Open Space

 GreenPosting Makes News!

 PHOTOS & VIDEO of First Flush:

 Ski Resorts Waiting For Snow

 Paper Countertops Are Strong Like Bull

 VIDEO: Portland Public Bathrooms Go Solar

 Jimi Hendrix Drummer Dies In Portland

 Where Your Leaves Go

 Is This Proper City Spending

 Recycle Your Campaign Signs

 Screw Lower Gas Prices!

 The 800 Pound Sustainable Gorilla

 Bush Pedals Mountain Biking into National Parks

 VIDEO: Paraglider Flies with Eagle

 Cool Energy News

 Woodstock: doggy style PHOTOS

 New Downtown Library EcoRoof

 Disease: Coming to your town soon!

 Woodstock: doggy style

 Students Walk & Bike to School Day

 50,000 SQ Feet of Mural

 Are We Ready for 2060

 Two More Pesticide free Parks in Portland

 Vote for Forest Parks Wildwood Trail

 Hybrid Parking at the PDX Airport

 Portland to Seattle Amtrack Gets $6 Million

 Ben & Jerrys New Freezer

 East County Urban Parks & Tree Summit

Local Limelight

  Intel's Behind the Scene Sustainability L

  Downsizing is Rightsizing What To Do With Al

  Holistic Plant Health Care Most people think

  Edith's Stuffed Cabbage Recipe From The E

  Oregon Soap Company Cleans Up Internationally

  Enter Bob Simpson, who gave a presentation at

  Build It Green! Home Tour and Info Fair Satu

  Clayhaus Ceramics Tiles: handmade and ultra s

  Maintenance is the Key to Stay Emission Free

  Creating a Recycled Concrete Patio or Path F

  The Great Garage Clean Out Does your expensi

  Myra Goodman Interview Co-Founder of Earthbo

  Green Burial With Portland Natural Caskets T

  Claylin, Earthen Floors in a Bag, Now Availab

  Portland Pedal Power Expands Services to Offe

  Major Mileston: Salmon Return to Johnson Cree

  Sustainable Preservation Old buildings work

  Risky Business: Avoid Fines, Lawsuits, and T

  Portland Pure Water Applauds Multnomah Coun

    Herbal Immune Boosting By Julie Brus

  10 Ways to Prevent and Overcome Breastfeeding

  Avoiding Identity Theft   Tips on how

  Special Event Greening Trends and Practices

  Homemade cookies delivered right to your door

  Four Things We Could Do Without if We Really

  Seeing the future now makes even the hopeless

  A New Kind of Real Estate Brokerage EcoPro R

  Enviromax, Oregon’s First Carbon Neutra

  Tips on What To Do About a Soggy Lawn Is you

  Spring Cleaning Tips    &

  Prolabro: Do No Harm Sustainable Design

  Watch Your Dog For A Healthy Home Last week

  Nurture Salon: Portland’s Greenest Salo

  Ten Natural Ways to Stay Healthy This Flu Sea

    A Pioneer in Sustainable Event Plannin

  What’s Your 
Breastfeeding Intell

      What is Health? Have yo

  Home Appliance Savvy by Valerie Garrett, LEE

  Giggles the Green Bean Book: A Green Bean wit

  Going Living: Avoiding Asbestos Going gre

  10 Great Reasons to Breastfeed Your Baby O

  Giving Old Buttons A New Lease On Life By Gi

  The Market At Dawn  

  How to Enjoy Summer Foods… Without Com

  The Compatibility of Design, Environmentalism

  Go Green Tips 4 of 4   In the bathroo

  Fool Me Once: How to Avoid Getting Greenwashe

  Three Quick, Easy Tips to Rejuvenate Your Ene

  Homeopathic Relief from Allergies Allergie

  Go Green Tips 3 of 4   In the yard an

  Eating local is the New Organic Summer is

  Refinish Wood Floors When you make your deci

  Go Green Tips 2 of 4   In the house,

  Weekly Watering Number By Amy Whitworth, own

  The Soda Conundrum: Is Organic Always Healthy

  Being Organized is GREEN! By Missy Gerber, o

  Go Green Tips 1 of 4 Americans everywhere

  Plastic Bags are a Menace to Society. By: C

  How Reiki Energy Healing Can Benefit You, Now

  Boozin' Chemical Free By: Sara Nassrine;

  Oregon E-Cycles By: Laura Baldschun co-owner

  Oregon Vineyard Winter Work By Trudy Kramer,

  Save The Environment: Become a Vegetarian! B

  Winter Tree Management By: Craig Smith of Ar

  Did a Storm Damage Your Tree? By Treecology

  Easy Medicinal Herbs for the Portland Garden&

  Eating Your Way to a Greener Planet and a Hea

  Four Things You May Not Know About Heating wi

  Hang Ten: Riding Wave Energy By:  Jonat

  Small Changes Start With A Large Salad By Jo

  Gifts From The Garden: Salves By: Laura Altv

  Gifts From The Garden: Herb Wreaths By: Laur

  Fuel: Movie Review and Interview By Jonathan

  Less Mess.  Less Stress.  Better Li

  Befriend Your Trashcans!: Junk To Funk Mesmer

  An ode to our shared journey by bike By Emes

  Watch Out For #1 By Jonathan Davis Breast-f

  Feel Taller Through Rolfing By Jonathan Davi

  Interview with Curt Ellis, Producer of The Gr

  Dress for Successful Transitions By Jonathan

  Nutmeg and Needles By Jonathan Davis The