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Resource Links

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General Helpful Links
  ·  Around Portland
A weekly email newsletter covering FREE and inexpensive family-friendly events around Portland.
  ·  Portland Bike Maps
  ·  Portland Gas Prices
  ·  Portland Metro Recyclers
  ·  Portland TriMet
  ·  Portland Walking Maps
  ·  Portland's Travel Options
The region's one-stop portal for all your travel options. Including a trip diary and tips for helping people use their cars more efficiently for those trips where they do need to drive.
  ·  Urban Edibles
A community database of wild food source in Portland, OR. It's wild. Pick it, eat it, report it!

3rd Party Certifiers: Research green certifications for organizations, products, and services
  ·  BEST Business Center
A free service for businesses in Portland that want to become greener and more profitable. We provide a free evaluation of your business in the areas of energy, water, waste and recycling, purchasing, green building and transportation.
  ·  CERES Certified
Offers certification according to organic standards or standards for Good Agricultural Practices.
  ·  Eco-Logical Business Program
Locate an automotive or landscape eco-business. Oregon and Portland based.
  ·  ENERGY STAR: efficiency for products, home improvement, buildings, plants, new homes
  ·  Fair Trade Federation
Strengthens and promotes North American organizations fully committed to fair trade.
  ·  Food Alliance: farmers, ranchers, and food packagers
  ·  Forest Stewardship Council: certify forests paper merchants, manufacturers, and printers.
  ·  GREAT Businesses
The Gresham Resource Efficiency Assistance To (GREAT) Businesses program offers free assistance, resources and recognition to help businesses conserve natural resources, protect the local environment and help the bottom line.
  ·  Green Guard
Product certification program for low emitting interior building materials, furnishings, and finish systems used in educational (daycare and K-12) environments. As well as computers and electronics.
  ·  Green Seal: Certifies large and small lodgings
  ·  Greener Choices: Eco-labels Center
Here you’ll find out what the labels on your favorite products really mean.
  ·  LEED: US Green Building Council certifies many types of buildings and individuals
  ·  LIVE
Education and certification for vineyards using international standards of sustainable viticulture practices in wine grape production.
  ·  Oregon Energy Trust Trade Allies
More than 600 experienced contractors, distributors and other professionals are affiliated with one or more Energy Trust programs.
  ·  Realtors
  ·  SCS Certified: Food, agriculture, products, forestry, flora, and fisheries all certified

Portland Blogs
  ·  BikePortland
  ·  Earth Friendly Investing
  ·  Eco-Guides
guiding homeowners on the path to sustainability
  ·  EnviroMom
  ·  Going Green
  ·  Good Man Eats
A Portland food blog
  ·  Little Snowbirds
Join their quest to get back on the road part-time and realize their dream lifestyle.
  ·  On A Green String
Remodeling sustainably on a shoe string budget!
  ·  On Portland
Portland Entertainment, Arts, Culture and Food
  ·  OurPDX
Yes, it’s another local Portland, Oregon group blog.
  ·  PDX Air
Seeking cleaner air through the reduction of industrial pollution
Portland music, art, events, entertainment, and sustainability
  ·  PDXgreen
  ·  Planet Pink n Green
  ·  Portland Family Adventures
Parents' Guide To Family Fun In Portland, OR
  ·  Portland Twitter Jobs
Find Portland Jobs Using Twitter/Social Media
  ·  Reading Local
A quest to find everything there is to know about the Portland, Oregon “book scene”
  ·  SeeingGreen
  ·  Sunnyside Portland
Reporting hyperlocal news that’s relevent to SE Portland residents and businesses, both within the Sunnyside neighborhood and in surrounding communities.
  ·  The Green Voice
  ·  Urban Survivalists
Blog about sustainability in an urban environment
  ·  x: More Great Blogs
More Blogs For A Better World

Local Clubs
  ·  Eco Business Network
Sustainable Online Business Networking
  ·  Slow Food Portland
A diverse group of food enthusiasts
  ·  The Oregon State Federation of Garden Clubs
  ·  Toyota Hybrid Owners

Environmental Organizations
  ·  Community Energy Project
Empowers people in the Portland metro area to maintain healthier, more livable homes, control their utility costs, and conserve natural resources.
  ·  Earth Share of Oregon
A federation of 68 local and national non-profit conservation groups that provides a convenient way for Oregonians to support conservation and healthy communities.
  ·  In Defense of Animals
Works to end animal exploitation, cruelty, and abuse by protecting and advocating for the rights, welfare, and habitats of animals, as well as to raise their status beyond mere property, commodities, or things.
  ·  Northwest Coalition for Alternatives to Pesticides
Protects the health of people and the environment by advancing alternatives to pesticides.
  ·  Northwest Veg
Vegetarian Education & Empowerment
  ·  Oregon Center for Environmental Health
A statewide organization dedicated to reducing and eliminating toxic chemicals
  ·  Oregon Environmental Council
Solving global warming, protecting kids from toxins, cleaning up our rivers, building sustainable economies, and ensuring healthy food and local farms.
  ·  Oregon Green Schools
School programs to recycle, reduce waste, save energy and conserve water.
  ·  Oregon Trout
Restoring freshwater health through innovative restoration.
  ·  Oregon Wild
Instrumental in securing permanent legislative protection for some of Oregon’s most precious landscapes,
  ·  OSALT
Oregon Sustainable Agriculture Land Trust
  ·  OSPIRG: Standing up to powerful interests
  ·  Portland Peak Oil
Weekly meetings that focus on topics ranging from permaculture to alternative energy and community currencies.
  ·  Sierra Club
Promotes conservation of the Oregon natural environment by influencing public policy decisions--legislative, administrative, legal, and electoral.
  ·  SOLV: Oregonians volunteering to improve our communities and our environment
  ·  Surfrider Foundation
  ·  The Dirt
A Portland environmental information source that has events, forums, and more.
  ·  The Nature Conservancy in Oregon
The leading conservation organization working around the world to protect ecologically important lands and waters for nature and people.
  ·  Three Rivers Land Conservancy
Conserving the Clackamas, Tualatin and lower Willamette Rivers natural watersheds
  ·  Tualatin Riverkeepers: Restoring the Tualatin River System

Government Resources: Local
  ·  Metro: Portland parks, trails, and greenspace
  ·  Oregon Department of Energy
  ·  Oregon Department of Environmental Equality
  ·  Oregon Parks and Recreation Department
  ·  Oregon's Sustainability Resource
  ·  Portland Bureau of Environmental Services
  ·  Portland Office of Sustainable Development
  ·  Portland Parks & Rec
  ·  Portland Stormwater Management
A free online resource for property owners to learn about effective stormwater management, connect with local stormwater professionals and businesses, find out about city grants and financial incentives, and then share stormwater projects with others.

Government Resources: National
  ·  LEED: US Green Building Council certifies many types of buildings and individuals
  ·  National Organic Program
  ·  National Parks
  ·  Official government information about Environment, Energy, and Agriculture
  ·  US Department of Energy
  ·  US Environmental Protection Agency

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