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Washington Federal Savings

4770 sw 76th ave
portland, OR 97225

Based on Greenwash Scrub Rating
Washington Federal is true portfolio lender, we do not sell our mortgages on the secondary market. This allows flexible loan options for your financing needs. Whether its to refinance, purchase or eve more

SQS: Washington Federal is involved in the Community Reinvestment Act. We gather deposits in local neighborhoods and lend that same money to our neighbors. Every year we donate to the United Way charit more

Water Can Mikes

10026 SE Ramona
Portland, OR 97266

Based on Greenwash Scrub Rating
HHO generators turn your car into a hybrid using water as a supplement to gas. Cut your emissions buy as much as 95%. If we all had one of these systems we would stop global warming and cut or fore more

SQS: If we all had one of these systems we would stop global warming and cut or foreign oil dependency problems today. more

Watkins & Associates, Inc.

4343 NE Ainsworth Street
Portland, OR 97215

Based on Greenwash Scrub Rating
Watkins and Associates is a residential appraisal firm in Portland, Oregon providing real estate valuations for the mortgage lending marketplace. We offer a wide variety of real estate consulting ser more

SQS: Our small office uses only 100% recycled paper in its printer. We recycle our ink cartridges and all our waste products are recycled through private or public venues. We have made contributions to H more

vancouver, OR 98685

Based on Greenwash Scrub Rating
Independent Watkins Associate #384863 Natural Apothecary certified by the Natural Products Association(NPA) Home Care is certified Designed for the Environment(DfE) by the EPA USDA certified Orga more

SQS: I am Watkins Independent Bronze Associate #384863. Working from home is a good way to go green. Helps cut down on overhead, gas, child care, and my carbon footprint. I run a paperless business by hav more

Watsu NW

14000 NE 371st
La Center, WA 98629

Based on Greenwash Scrub Rating
We are artists in transforming your body in a fluid filled field, a pool. The warm water stretches and unloads your everyday pressure. Clients who benefit from this Aquatic Therapy are from all walks more

SQS: Our company White Stone Medical has served the northwest since 1990 and is synonymous with giving back to the community. We donate up to 20% of our income or services to others in our community. We more

Well Worth Living, LLC

12766 NW Hartford St
Portland, OR 97229

Based on Greenwash Scrub Rating
Experience the natural solutions for good health in the right combination for you, verified by bio-survey analysis! This 3 step do-it-yourself process is safe, gradual and effective. WAIORA ANTI-AGI more

SQS: What is Sustainable Wellness? * The ability for people to take control of their health * The ability to live longer, healthier lives in a more natural way, without medications * Reducing the health more

Westfall's Hand Crafted Chocolates

Portland, OR 97218

Based on Greenwash Scrub Rating
Westfall's Handcrafted Chocolate was founded by Gordon Westfall in 2008. He was on a mission to create the most amazing chocolate, made from the finest and purest ingredients, to benefit the commu more

SQS: Our passion for our community and our environment inspires us to strive for high standards in the quality and the sustainability of our products. We are working with local non-profits and other busine more

White Lotus Cleaning Service

341 SE 70th Ave
Hillsboro, OR 97123

Based on Greenwash Scrub Rating
We are an organic house cleaning service featuring natural, non-toxic cleansers and environmentally friendly cleaning tools (e.g. HEPA vacuum). We strive to make your house cleaning experience a heal more

SQS: We use only organic, non-toxic, biodegradable cleansers. Also our cleaning tools are environmentally friendly, for example we use a HEPA filter vacuum to help remove 99.97% of dust particles 0.3 micr more

Whole Family Wellness Center

1340 SW Bertha Blvd, Ste 200
Portland, OR 97219

Based on Greenwash Scrub Rating
Whole Family Wellness Center is a healthcare clinic that provides naturopathic medicine and acupuncture in Portland, Oregon. We offer comprehensive healthcare services for your entire family. Our c more

SQS: To us, sustainability is service. It is to be part of a dynamic community, play a part, and leave something positive behind. We believe in making a difference in one individual, and thus start a cha more

Wild Carrot Herbals

P.O. Box 494, 506 S Trade St.
Amity, OR 97101

Based on Greenwash Scrub Rating
An Oregon-grown skin care line full of acres of nutrients for the entire family. more

SQS: I got a degree in Sustainable Agriculture at Evergreen State College, where the seed was planted for Wild Carrot and making natural skin care. We organically grow many of the botanicals contained wit more

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