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Gaian Logic Consulting

Jessup Ave
Portland, OR 97124

Based on Greenwash Scrub Rating
Gaian Logic Consulting combines the expert knowledge of a dedicated and passionate sustainable leader that has been in the industry for more than 10 years providing solutions to both businesses and in more

SQS: Sustainable and Gaia based consulting logic that is available to residential or corporations. What we provide is a solution and a better way of being. more

Gallagher Solutions, Inc.

725 NW 10th Ave
Portland , OR 97209

Based on Greenwash Scrub Rating
Jenny Gallagher is a certified life and business coach, health and wellness consultant, registered yoga teacher, author of Four Steps to a Better Life and public speaker. more

SQS: Coaching and consulting is done over the phone so there is no need to waste time, money or precious natural resources for travel. Working from a small and efficient home office prevents the need for more

Garden, Landscape & Stone Art

Portland, OR 97202

Based on Greenwash Scrub Rating
Do you want a Flagstone Patio, Walkway or Retainer Wall? Or do you need a freelance Landscaper & Gardener? I am a one-man-crew, eco-conscious, multi-skilled, and respectful. And I'm inexpen more

SQS: I use sustainable, biodegradable materials. I use mostly local, organic materials. I do not use any harmful or toxic chemicals. I love to work by hand with the earth. I do not use heavy machine more

Gardenworks, Inc.

PO Box 10675
Portland, OR 97296

Based on Greenwash Scrub Rating
Gardenworks, Inc. offers beautiful, low maintenance, and sustainable landscape design and installation for your home or business. Call us @ 503.709.7866 or visit us @ and click more

SQS: Gardenworks, INC. is an all organic landscape design and installation business. We use no chemical products, either in our installation or maintenance services. We use natural methods of soil erosio more

Gift of Life Clinic

4259 NE Broadway
Portland , OR 97213

Based on Greenwash Scrub Rating
At the Gift of Life Clinic we focus on lifelong health and happiness for the entire family. Dr. Mia Crupper is a Naturopathic Physician certified as a Midwife, Doula and Massage Therapist. Dr. Micha more

SQS: Our company makes every effort to use sustainable and environmental services every step of the way. On the business side we buy locally as much as possible, recycle all used goods, compost scraps, us more

Giggles the Green Bean Books

Portland, OR 97209

Based on Greenwash Scrub Rating
Giggles the Green Bean Books are a series of books that teach your children how to be green and healthy. The first book in the series is called, "Giggles the Green Bean Turns Stinkytown Into Greentow more

SQS: Teaching children how to live green and healthy. more

Give Portland Gifts

Portland, OR 97217

Based on Greenwash Scrub Rating
Give Portland is a local artisan gift basket business. All the products in the baskets are made from local artisans within 100 miles of Portland. more

SQS: Give Portland Gifts is a gift basket business that uses local artisan food, drink and crafts made from within 100 miles of Portland. Many of the products are farmer direct and have organic and fair tr more

Global Sistergoods

PO Box 31001,
Portland, OR 97231

Based on Greenwash Scrub Rating
Global Sistergoods brings you the finest in fair trade jewelry, accessories, children's clothing and toys, baskets and home decor items. All of our fair trade products are made by women from aroun more

SQS: Global Sistergoods is a sister-owned small business that imports fairly-traded crafts from women artisans from around the world. We provide a living wage to economically disadvantaged women in fragile more

Go Green Remodeling & Construction, LLC

P O Box 552
Clackamas, OR 97015

Based on Greenwash Scrub Rating
Go Green Remodeling and Construction is proud to offer eco-friendly and sustainable options for your remodel. We are an Oregon licensed business with CCB, bonded, and insured as a Residential General more

SQS: With each remodel or improvement we analyze the materials we will need to find a recycling outlet for. Using the resources of the Energy Trust of Oregon and Metro Recycling we can generally find a bu more

Goat Rental NW

Clackamas, OR 97015

Based on Greenwash Scrub Rating
Goat Rental NW provides an alternative to chemicals vegetation control. Goats love to munch away unwanted and invasive plants. They leave a very small footprint on the earth and on your property. W more

SQS: Goat Rental NW provides a chemical free alternative to vegetation control. We use solar powered electric fencing for goat containment and safety. The goats eat the unwanted plants which in turn redu more

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