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Cafe Mam / Royal Blue Organics

Eugene, OR 97403

Based on Greenwash Scrub Rating
Cafe Mam (say `mom`) is grown by fair-trade cooperatives of native Mayan farmers living in the highlands of Chiapas, Mexico. It is 100% organic, fair trade certified, shade-grown, high altitude arabic more

SQS: Cafe Mam has been importing OG, FT coffee from co-operatives in Chiapas, Mexico for almost twenty years. Cafe Mam has been on the forefront of the movement toward sustainability since the late 1980 more

Call You Back Builders, Inc.

Portland, OR 97220

Based on Greenwash Scrub Rating
Call You Back Builders, Inc. is a small construction business located in the Parkrose neighborhood in N.E. Portland. We are BIG on small jobs. Our services include: Additions & Renovations, Design & B more

SQS: Greenbuilding is a collaboration with our clients. Our clients support of sustainability empowers the future of greenbuilding. We really want to see sustainable building practices as the affordable an more

Camellia Pure Beauty

4941 NE Fremont St.
Portland, OR 97213

Based on Greenwash Scrub Rating
Our mission is to convince product junkies that luxurious bath and beauty products don't have to contain junk. Chemical nasties and irritants are found in most personal care products, even ones t more

SQS: * The products we stock are largely plant based (not synthetic chemical or petroleum) with many organically grown ingredients, and the companies we buy from are committed to ingredient integrity, eth more

Cameron Concierge

PO Box 10366
Portland, OR 97296

Based on Greenwash Scrub Rating
We are a small Portland-based residential concierge company offering home management, organization, task-completion, green consulting and more. We provide reliable, high-caliber service tailored to y more

SQS: Since our establishment in 2007, Cameron Concierge has been dedicated to sustainability. Through our varied services, we streamline and simplify lives while providing the education and resources our more

Canvas Dreams, LLC

921 SW Washington, Suite 719
Portland, OR 97205

Based on Greenwash Scrub Rating
An Internet services provider specializing in Web hosting, reseller hosting, dedicated servers, server colocation, secure data backup, VoIP telephony, all with a greener and energy-efficient emphasis, more

SQS: In the Web hosting industry, nothing is "green". Our aim is to provide the best service possible in the greenest manner possible. Developing new technologies that require less hardware and generate le more

Cat Hospital of Portland

8065 SE 13th Avenue
Portland, OR 97202

Based on Greenwash Scrub Rating
At the Cat Hospital of Portland we are dedicated to compassionate health care exclusively for cats. We offer a range of care for your feline friends. Including routine exams and vaccines, nutrition co more

SQS: At our Hospital, having the least impact on the planet is very important to us. We purchase renewable energy and have a special approach to addressing waste. Including a very extensive recycling sys more

Catalyst Hands

7831 SE Stark., Ste. 202
Portland, OR 97215

Based on Greenwash Scrub Rating
Since 2003, Sarah Ryan has worked as a massage therapist in Portland, Oregon. She collaborates with people from all walks of life, from the elderly to athletes, as they journey through their individu more

SQS: Simpler is better- and safer. I bike to my massage office. I use organic massage oils that are so natural they are edible, allowing for no chance of chemicals seeping into the bloodstream. I wash lin more

Celilo Natural Health Center

4921 NE 28th Ave.
Portland, OR 97211

Based on Greenwash Scrub Rating
Celilo Natural Health Center offers full primary-care naturopathic health services, with an emphasis on personal attention, community and environmental care. We work with you to address acute and chro more

SQS: Celilo Natural Health Center was created by Dr. Orna Izakson, an environmental news reporter who traded her pen for a stethoscope, specifically as a way to bring people back to their connections with more

Center for Earth Leadership

Portland, OR 97204

Based on Greenwash Scrub Rating
The Center promotes earth leadership to accelerate the change required to create a sustainable culture. In our cornerstone class (How to Be an Agent of Change in Your Circle of Influence) we enlist, more

SQS: The Center for Earth Leadership's mission is to help citizens lead others toward a sustainable future. Not only is our non-profit's purpose to promote eco-awareness and green practices, but we more

Certified Forest Products, LLC

946 NW Circle Blvd, #152
Corvallis, OR 97330

Based on Greenwash Scrub Rating
Certified Forest Products (CFP) is a 100% Pure Green building materials distributor with locations in Vancouver, WA and Northern California. We specialize in FSC Certified building materials and all more

SQS: We are committed to only stocking and distributing wood products that qualify for points under the USGBC's LEED rating system, focusing on assisting our clients in procuring the most economical su more

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