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Celilo Natural Health Center

4921 NE 28th Ave.
Portland, OR 97211

Based on Greenwash Scrub Rating
Celilo Natural Health Center offers full primary-care naturopathic health services, with an emphasis on personal attention, community and environmental care. We work with you to address acute and chro more

SQS: Celilo Natural Health Center was created by Dr. Orna Izakson, an environmental news reporter who traded her pen for a stethoscope, specifically as a way to bring people back to their connections with more

Center for Earth Leadership

Portland, OR 97204

Based on Greenwash Scrub Rating
The Center promotes earth leadership to accelerate the change required to create a sustainable culture. In our cornerstone class (How to Be an Agent of Change in Your Circle of Influence) we enlist, more

SQS: The Center for Earth Leadership's mission is to help citizens lead others toward a sustainable future. Not only is our non-profit's purpose to promote eco-awareness and green practices, but we more

Certified Forest Products, LLC

946 NW Circle Blvd, #152
Corvallis, OR 97330

Based on Greenwash Scrub Rating
Certified Forest Products (CFP) is a 100% Pure Green building materials distributor with locations in Vancouver, WA and Northern California. We specialize in FSC Certified building materials and all more

SQS: We are committed to only stocking and distributing wood products that qualify for points under the USGBC's LEED rating system, focusing on assisting our clients in procuring the most economical su more

Cest Naturelle Farms

30273 S. Hwy 213
Molalla, OR 97038

Based on Greenwash Scrub Rating
Our French ancestry combined with a love of fine food and the simple elegance of the Provencal farmland led us to our name "C'est Naturelle Farms" (pronounced 'say nat-ur-ell') and our com more

SQS: In order to grow the finest foods in a manner that sustains the plants and the land we utilize the best in ancient gardening methods and modern technology. Among these are: Compost- Green Manure- more

champion cleaners

900 NW Lovejoy st, suite 100
Portland, OR 97209

Based on Greenwash Scrub Rating
Dry cleaning with no chemicals! The only cleaner in town that truly uses no chemical for dry cleaning. Alterations for both men and women. more

SQS: We use no chemicals to dry clean the clothes and recycle the plastic bag. We have a certification from DEQ for our effort to be environmental friendly. more

ChiroTime PC

12728 S E Stark, Plaza 125 Building G
Portland, OR 97233

Based on Greenwash Scrub Rating
The human body has a powerful inborn ability to restore and maintian great health as long as nothing interferes. The primary conductor and controller of this natural ability is the nervous system (bra more

SQS: We are a small company devoted to natural health. We recycle paper, bottles, plastic and so forth. However, our greater mission is to encourage our patients to eat organic, locally grown food as much more

Chiyu Center, LLC

819 NW 23rd Ave
Portland, OR 97210

Based on Greenwash Scrub Rating
'Chiyu' means 'healing, cure & recovery' in Japanese. Chiyu Center offers excellent, traditional Usui Reiki Energy Healing and individual Reiki Attunements by Erika Fayina Marie, Usui more

SQS: Chiyu Center operates with the highest love and regard for our home, the Earth. As Reiki practitioners, we require very little physical material to perform Energy Healing. We are careful to recycle more

Circle Studio Pilates

1231 NW 11th ave
Portland, OR 97209

Based on Greenwash Scrub Rating
Circle Studio is a Pilates studio also offering Gyrotonic classes in Portland, Oregon. Located in Northwest Portland's Pearl District, Circle Studio offers private lessons and group classes in Pil more

SQS: Circle Studio opened July 5th, 2008. Kari Neigebauer, Owner, used low voc paint by Benjamin moore. Circle Studio has bamboo floors installed with no voc glue. Circle Studio installed an energy effi more

Classical Homeopath Lilith Meurer, CHom

7349 SE 69th Ave
Portland, OR 97206

Based on Greenwash Scrub Rating
Not feeling well? Are you suffering from... ...allergies? ...sleep problems? ...anxiety and/or depression? ...struggle with respiratory or digestive problems? ...PMS or menstrual problems? Homeopath more

SQS: Homeopathy is GREEN MEDICINE: - remedies are made from substances found in our natural environment - only minute quantities are required to make many doses of a remedy - remedies require very littl more

Clayhaus Ceramics

Portland, OR 97206

Based on Greenwash Scrub Rating
The Clayhaus name derives from the Bauhaus movement and its influences on modernist architecture and modern design. As second generation ceramicists, our unique products come from within. We are art more

SQS: What we’re about: We care—not only about the beauty and quality of our products, but also about our impact on the world around us. We try to do what’s within our power to conserve resources and leave more

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