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Bambu Clinic

838 SW 1st Ave, Ste 330
Portland, OR 97214

Based on Greenwash Scrub Rating
Bambú Clinic is a center for Naturopathic and Classical Chinese Medicine in Portland, Oregon. Our approach to each patient is tailored to suit the individual's need. The practitioners of Bambú Cli more

SQS: At Bambu Clinic, we believe we make daily choices to maintain and optimize our health, and that this directly translates into the daily choices we make to care for our communities and our environment. more

Baraka Institute: Leadership Development & Coach Training Center

6312 SW Capitol Hwy. #421
Portland, OR 97239

Based on Greenwash Scrub Rating
We are a cooperative playground for the development of human potential through Life Coach Certification Trainings in the areas of Life Coaching and Organizational Leadership Coaching. We also offe more

SQS: At Baraka Institute, we focus on using recycled materials for all of our training materials, doing our best to disseminate information via the internet for marketing and training materials as well as more

Barrett Ecolgocical Services

1534 SE 40th Ave.
Portland, OR 97214

Based on Greenwash Scrub Rating
Barrett Ecological is a landscape design, building, and consulting firm that provides ecological solutions for commercial properties, private residences, and community projects. Deeply committed to more

SQS: At Barrett Ecological, we see 'sustainaiblity' as a rather low bar to aim for. The methods of design that underpin our work achieve sites that are truly regenerative in their function, not me more

bella stella resale maternity, baby & children's clothing

2751 NE Broadway
Portland, OR 97232

Based on Greenwash Scrub Rating
bella stella cariies an upscale mix of resale and new items of maternity, baby and children's clothing. Also specializing in baby carriers and open ended toys, we offer fabulous customer service. more

SQS: We recycle the towns baby and childrn's clothing! We carry organic and alternative fiber clothing and we source locally where possible. more

BEST Business Center

721 NW 9th Ave, Suite 300
Portland, OR 97209

Based on Greenwash Scrub Rating
The BEST Business Center is a free service for businesses in Portland that want to become greener and more profitable. We provide a free evaluation of your operations in the areas of energy, water, wa more

SQS: Our program is a free offering through the City of Portland's Bureau of Planning and Sustainability, and our goal is to help all businesses in Portland improve their sustainability practices in th more

Bethany Graye Interior Design Studio

P.O. Box 303
Mosier, OR 97040

Based on Greenwash Scrub Rating
Bethany Graye Interior Design Studio is based in the Columbia Gorge. We specialize in using sustainable products and practices to create thoughtful, fully functional spaces for your home, retail spac more

SQS: At Bethany Graye Interior Design Studio, we strive to design energy-efficient spaces that meet your business needs AND stay within your budget. We have a wide knowledge of sustainable building materi more

Better World Club

20 NW 5th Ave., Suite 100
Portland, OR 97209

Based on Greenwash Scrub Rating
Better World Club is the nation's only environmentally friendly auto club. We are dedicated to balancing economic goals with social and environmental responsibility. We support a cleaner environm more

SQS: When former Working Assets Mutual Fund President Mitch Rofsky learned that AAA actually lobbies against environmental efforts such as higher fuel standards and alternative transportation, he founded B more

Beyond Your Closet

Lake Oswego, OR 97034

Based on Greenwash Scrub Rating
They call me the Closet Therapist, I go Beyond Your Closet and into your own timeless personal style and fashionable foundation. I work closely with you to help tighten up your existing wardrobe rath more

SQS: I work with all types of fashion clothing from the "Couture" to those dedicated to sustainable clothing. In revamping your closet, I apply the same type of rules. Depending on your desires, the typ more

Bicycle Fitting Services

17 SE 3rd Suite 409
Portland, OR 97214

Based on Greenwash Scrub Rating
Bicycle Fitting Services help people adjust their bicycle to their body. By correctly aligning your bicycle you can enjoy riding longer, faster and with more fun. more

SQS: Bicycle Fitting Services helps put people back on their bicycles. We believe that by having your bicycle correctly aligned with your body you will drive your car less and ride your bike more! We try more

Big Branch Woodworking

4621 se 27th ave
Portland , OR 97202

Based on Greenwash Scrub Rating
A custom cabinet/furniture company striving to use as many people and earth friendly products to construct your ideas into reality. We specify Formaldahyde free, Reclaimed, Low VOC, and sustainabee p more

SQS: A custom cabinet/furniture company striving to use as many people and earth friendly products to construct your ideas into reality. We specify Formaldahyde free, Reclaimed, Low VOC, and sustainable p more

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