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Four Things We Could Do Without if We Really Cared About the Environment
An opinion article by “Doug”

These are things that, when used, provide absolutely no benefit for their extreme power consumption.  I am not talking about a car, or a swimming pool, or a BBQ or a treadmill.  Because they do provide some benefit when used, even if their worth can be debated against their amount of power consumption or pollution.  I am talking about five things that provide absolutely NO benefit at all, except maybe to that one individual that is consuming the power.  In no particular order-
1)     Tanning beds.  An astounding waste of power, that provides no benefit to anyone at all, maybe not even the person using it.  Vanity is the only reason to fire these things up.  Even the energy efficient models cannot be justified in the amount of energy they burn and waste nationwide.  People would say, how dare you, but you can get mad all you want to.  I am talking honestly.  Really care about the environment? Unplug every one of them, go outside and get a tan.  People say, but I live where there's no sunshine.  Then, be white. 
2)     The Las Vegas Lights- unbelievable that the elite rich and famous who cry and scream and pose about the environment do not do one thing to protest the big city lights of Las Vegas (or New York or Los Angeles).  They do not want anyone taking away their party or nightlife by reducing the worthless glare, by one watt.  This amazingly useless waste of energy could be put into national power grid and reduce the amount (by that much anyway) of power usage every night by, let's say, Los Angeles.  I am not talking about normal streetlights, that provide safety and security for the people in the city.  I am talking about the over-the-top show of lights that don't do anything except add to the narcissistic party atmosphere of Sin City.  What a shame that someone doesn't have the courage to say so. 

3)     Ice Sculptures- an unbelievable and often overlooked offender.  Many people can debate the worth of art in general: rock, bronze and marble sculptures that are supposed to stand the test of time.  But no one can defend the practice of ice sculpting.  And it's even been an Olympic event.  These displays start as water that has to be circulated by pumps to keep ice clear and frozen into 300 lb.  blocks, that's a lot of energy.   Once solidified, they have to be shaped with chisels and chain saws (yep chain saws; do I have to say it one more time? 2-stroke, gas and oil burning chain saws) into the form that the designer is looking for.   Then back into the freezer to solidify it again.   Large vehicles (sometimes refrigerated) are used for transport.  After the party or celebration, the sculptures are broken up and washed down a drain with wasted water.  So lets check the tally: freezing twice, chain saws, large refrigerated vehicles and wasted water.  For what? I guess a person could argue for the celebration.  So I guess they think that the momentary party is more important than the ecological impact- a view that many eco-proponents criticize every day. 

4)     Granite Counter tops- I do not know how many home improvement shows I have watched where home buyers make sure they are using recycling, composting and low flow toilets and bamboo floors, only to destroy and throw out granite countertops because they believe that their kitchen is out of date or the wrong color.  Never mind that the earth had to be ravaged for the original slabs of granite, or that the stone can never be replaced, or that the earth is going to have to be assaulted once again for the new counter top.  Give me a break. 

swan ice sculpture photo

These represent the opinions of their author and not necessarily the official position of GreenPosting.

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